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Balloon Cuties


I met this girl at a local restaurant where she's a waitress.

She really enjoys sitting on loons and I know you'll love her!


I was at the mall one day shopping for a dress when I ran into this beautiful girl!

I asked if she'd be on the site and thankfully she said yes!


Jessica is a waitress at one of my favorite restaurants. I've known her a couple of years.

I shot her just 3 days after she turned 18 and now you can enjoy her on Balloon Cuties!


Victoria and I go way, way back to the days when we were flight attendants together.

She and I had loon fun years ago.  ; )


I met my friend Sandi at the hair salon I get my hair done at.

She's got a great set of natural D boobs and she's great at Blow-to-Pop too!

Marta and MariaMarta & Maria

I found Marta (left) and her sister Maria (yes, I said sisters!) at the mall one day.

A few days later they were at my house playing with my loons!


Mary has been a friend of mine for years. She used to be here on my site, but now you'll find her exclusively on my Balloon Cuties site.

All her old sets and videos are over there and new stuff is on the way!

Remember, all these girls are on my Balloon Cuties site, NOT my Jaimy Looner site.  That site features myself exclusively.

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